Six-Step Screening Team

The Team

Eva Grayzel
Eva Grayzel

Founder and CEO

Abby Grayzel
Abby Grayzel


Genina Danica, Content Creator
Genina Danica

Content Creator

Vance Bell
Vance Bell


Advisory Board

Six-Step Screening’s Advisory Board includes survivors and medical and dental professionals. These individuals contribute valuable advice regarding proper procedure, HIPPA guidelines, helping individuals through the disease and growing Six-Step Screening. They include:

  • Kenneth Cohen, St Lukes Health Network
  • Jerry Wilck, Retired DDS and Oral Cancer Survivor
  • Cynthia Starr, Oncologist
  • Phillip Vigneri, Radiation Oncologist
  • Hillel Ephros, DMD, MD, St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center
  • Eileen Ciszak, Parent of 27 year old Melissa who died from oral cancer
  • David Eiskowitz, Oral Cancer Survivor
  • Babara Boland, RDH, Oral Cancer Survivor, co-creator of Sextet Screening.