The Blessing of Survivorship

Eva, I read your survivor story in “Headway” the UPMC Cancer treatment publication. In many ways, your story is identical to mine…waking up crying from pain, the frustration of being bounced back and forth from dentist to primary care provider, and finally to a surgeon who had an immediate dx of cancer, Stage 4.

The tumor started as a lesion on my lateral tongue. By the time I started treatment, it crossed the midline and most of my tongue was cancerous.  The biopsy was done at a small local hospital by a surgeon who wanted to remove my tongue and lymph nodes.  That horrible surgery was NOT an option for me! It forced me to get a second opinion, a blessing in disguise! Dr. Eugene Myers at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center recommended chemo and radiation. I’ve been cancer free since December 2002, almost a decade!

This summer, I was diagnosed with another primary on my tonsil.
We are living proof that the right doctors, attitude, fortitude and PRAYER can make a difference. 

I love what you said about being able to bless and enrich another person’s life.  I am thankful for every day I have and the many blessings that I have received. I can even look at the cancer as a blessing. It certainly was a life changing journey. We are blessed to be survivors and as you say, we have an obligation to educate those who will follow.

Anna Trivelli

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