The Dry Mouth Lollipop

Dry Mouth Lollipop

Packaging for the Dry Mouth Lollipop

According to Dr. Brian Novy, an assistant professor of restorative dentistry at Loma Linda University, you can ask a pharmacist to make these Dry Mouth Lollipops. The pharmacy may need a prescription…and thanks to a friend who heard Dr. Novy’s presentation at the Pacific Dental Conference, I’ve got the recipe to share with you!

5mg Pilocarpine Hydrochloride in a Xylitol & Sorbitol base
(The two ingredients combined help combat decay.)
Add the flavor you like: lemon, watermelon…

Directions: Suck on this pop for 3-5 secs. If a couple of sucks stimulate enough saliva then swish the saliva between the teeth.

If I weren’t speaking at the Pacific Dental Conference at the same time giving my presentation on Oral Cancer, I would have enjoyed hearing Dr. Brian Novy’s talk. He has a reputation of presenting good content while engaging the audience with humor.

Let me know if you try it and it works for you. Happy Lollipopping!

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  1. I am a dental hygienist with over 25 years of experience and I am always trying to think outside of the box for items to help my patients. I would like to try to make the lollipops. I have lot of patients with dry mouth. You only gave two ingredients. I need to know everything I need to make them. My patients would really appreciate it.

    1. Post

      Pilocarpine is the prescription only ingredient that makes these lollipops work so well. They are compounded by a pharmacist individually and that is why you can choose the flavour. Xylitol is in them but that is not what makes them work for dry mouth. I don’t believe there are any other ingredients. Dr. Brian Novy introduced this lollipop in an educational workshop and claims they really work for his patients with dry mouth. I hope my comment is helpful.

  2. Hi I am a dental Hygienist and I have been to Dr. Brian Novy’s lecture in Va Beach
    The ingredients in the Lollipop is 5g. Pilocarpine and 2g Xylitol. We called
    a pharmacy and had them make it for our dry mouth patients and it works great, our
    patients love it. When we had our lollipops made the pharmacy mistakenly used 2mg Pilocarpine
    with 2mg xylitol and even that worked wonders.

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      Thank you Fara for the ingredients! Glad to know it works! During the day, it’s easy to sip water, suck a lollipop, or try another dry mouth product. The hard part is getting through the night without disturbing sleep due to dry mouth without the risk of choking on a candy or the production of sitting up, finding the glass of water, making sure you don’t spill on anything, and taking those sips to buy you another couple of hours. Any secret ingredients or rituals for that?

  3. Most of my patients use the lollipop at night. The xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from a plant which neutralizes the acid in your mouth and the pilocarpine is what induces salivation. Just take 2-3 licks before bed.

  4. Hi. I have Sjogrens. Diagnosed about 12 years ago. My dentist told me about these lollipops n of course I tried them right away. They REALLY do help. I have tried every dry mouth product on the market. Everything is so temporary it was more of a hassle than help. With the lollipop I can carry on a conversation for over an hour n go for a long walk without gum in my mouth. Xylitol gum has been my best strategy up until now. I wake up frequently for sips of water or gum and eye drops too. It’s hard to get a good nights sleep. I do have 3-4 licks of the lollipop before bed n it seems I sleep longer n get better sleep. I just found out today that thru a process called PRP (plasma rich platelets) I can have eye drops made from my own blood that will be a miracle for my dry eyes and there is a possibility of a mouthwash too. Amazing. I’m soooo excited. ❤️I hope this info can help someone else like it’s going to help me.

  5. These lollipops do work wonders. We have been making them for years. You should really get any compounded medications from what is called a PCAB Accredited Pharmacy. You can find out why at http://www.pcab.org . The site even has a list of pharmacies in your area. If you live in Ohio and are interested in learning more, please contact out lab.

  6. My wife has no saliva glands following cancer treatment,this lollipop seems to me to suggest that it increases saliva production is that so ? .If that is the case would they still help her /.

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