The New Nicotine in Thousands of Flavors

Across the industry, there is an estimated 7,000 vapor flavors for e-cigarettes, with an estimated 250 flavors introduced each month!  Twista Lime, Kauai Kolada, Caribbean Chill are a few flavors that lure new customers to this nicotine product.  However, these flavors will undoubtedly lure children: Graham Banana, Cherry Cheesecake, Banana Split. While the Food and Drug Administration has proposed regulations for e-cigarettes, it has not limited marketing or flavors claims todays NYTimes article on the subject.

Hundreds of websites selling e-cigarettes, offers 13 pages of alphabetized flavors, from Apple to Watermelon Menthol. Consumer surveys suggest that most people who use e-cigarettes — including those who have smoked — tend to prefer flavors.

Dr. Richard H. Carmona, the former surgeon general who had been an ardent foe of tobacco companies is a member of an e-cigarette company board of directors. How is this possible? Because the theory is that e-cigarettes have the potential to get people to stop smoking conventional cigarettes. But, all the studies are conducted by the tobacco companies themselves. What does that tell you?

There has been a decline in oral cancers caused by tobacco products, but soon, the numbers will rise again as our youth begin to take up this habit. Most young people who use e-cigarettes think it isn’t harmful. Who is paying for the marketing to tell them it is?

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