The Value of the Services Provided by a Registered Dental Hygienist

Dan The Audio  Man
Dan the Audio/Visual man hadn’t received a dental check-up for 15 years until he was hired to provide AV services at the Ottawa Dental Hygienists Society annual conference. Eight years later, as he continues to provide AV services for the conference, Dan take his oral health seriously. “Now, I know how important my oral health is. It is the window to the health of my whole body!” Now, he goes for a dental check up not twice a year, but 4 times a year, and of course his dental hygienist was in the audience!

Are dental hygienists educating the general public about the VALUE of the services they provide?? Educate us and we will be flocking to take a seat in your chair!

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  1. Connecting with the Ottawa Dental Hygienists Society has proved to be a life changing experience. I spent almost 15 years avoiding dental practitioners but it only took one info session to change my mind and my life. I never realized how big of a role oral care played in a person’s overall health.

    It was my dentist (an amazing referral from my dental hygienist Michelle) who told me that I likely had a condition that was causing acid reflux in my esophagus – yes he could actually see the damage it was causing by looking at my teeth! If left untreated, this common condition could potentially cause esophageal cancer. I had experienced years of pain and discomfort. After sharing this information with my general practitioner I was prescribed a simple treatment that literally changed my life.

    I no longer suffer from acid pain. My breathing is back to normal (the acid reflux was causing shortness of breath) and the best part… I can now eat all the foods I use to enjoy, although I make an effort to keep my diet on the healthier side.

    I no longer fear my dental practitioner or dentist. I’ve since even had my wisdom teeth pulled and molars repaired from the damage the acid had caused. I schedule quarterly visits with my dental hygienist and semiannual visits with my ENT (ear nose and throat specialist) every year for added screening and peace of mind. Oral heath has become a top priority in my life.

    I am thankful to the special people who have helped me find better health and to every dental hygienist and practitioner who has dedicated their career to educating their patients and promoting the importance of oral health.

    Eva – You have inspired me (and likely countless others) on a whole other level!
    I admire your courage, strength and passion.

    I will never forget your story. – Thank you.

    Daniel Franke, 37 years young
    Ottawa, ON – Canada

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