The Value of Your Dental Hygienist: RDH’s Save Lives

Do you value your appointment with your hygienist? It’s NOT about cleaning….if only the general public understood that. Hygienists provide a periodontal exam to prevent disease in your oral tissue, and an oral cancer screening to be sure there aren’t signs of pre-cancer. The cleaning is like the carwash at the end of your service.

Does your dentist value the expertise of their hygienist? The more patients feel from the dentist how they rely and trust the hygienist, the more patients will value their hygiene appointment.

Here is a reminder about the value of your hygienist….even in young people! RDH’s save lives.

To all the RDH’s out there reading this…..THANK YOU!


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  1. Eva I am so grateful for the information you have posted on your Six Step Screening website. There is more information there than I believe I could have ever obtained from any lecture out there (except yours of course). As a cancer survivor yourself, the information you have presented has opened my eyes considerably. I believe as a dental professional and what I have observed in offices in which I have worked that there is a great deal that we may overlook by symptoms that patients may present at there appointments. We have to look beyond the mouth and hear what they are telling us. I will be presenting your information to the dentist that I work for so that he and I can listen more to our patients concerns. My only concern is if other medical professionals that we may refer to are overlooking the symptoms as many posts have presented. Who would have guessed that generalized tooth discomfort or raspy voice or an ear ache could be signs of cancer? Thanks again for your outstanding work and never giving up to reach as many lives as possible. God bless, Cheryl

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      Cheryl, your note made my day! Thank you for taking the time to write. We need to catch oral cancer in it’s early stages in order to maintain a quality of life. Thank you for your interest and advocacy!

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