Tonsil Cancer Survivor and Harley Rider

Debra SheridanDebra Sheridan’s story is the kind I like to read.  She gives hope to those who are compromised with what we take for granted…eating, speaking, breathing. Oral cancer can steal your ability to do many things, but it cannot steal your ability to live your life.  That is a choice.  Ride on Debra!

I remember the day my neighbor Dave Ernesti stopped by to show me his throat.  Normally, when he is walking his dog Nala past my home, he would ring my bell to see if I wanted to join him with my dog Twinkle, and usually I did.  But this time he didn’t walk over but drove over and said, ‘What do you think of this growth in my throat?”  He opened wide and I know just what Debra took a photo of in her hotel bathroom. I wish I thought of taking a photo.  It looked like a little brain popping up behind his tonsil. I’m no doctor but I knew what I was looking at.

Dave’s dog Nala is no longer around so he and I don’t walk together anymore, but we are still friends. We continually check in on each other.  We are automatic buddies who share a common cancer, treatment, and ability to live our lives to the fullest. If I ever meet Debra, I’m sure we will feel that same automatic bond.

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  1. Eva, thank you so much for your eloquence. You’re right about the picture of my “tonsil”. All misshapen, red, yellow and white. Ugly!! I can’t wait for the day we meet!!

  2. Great story and thank you for sharing. I am a stage IV tonsil cancer survivor and hope that in all we share we not only support others in their fight but also help raise awareness so that folks like us make it to diagnosis earlier. I am very blessed to be where I am today for so many reasons. May we make a difference for those who follow.

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