Twisting and Turning Tongues!

I am a practicing hygienist of 20 years for Dr. Lee Warren in Boone NC. Our practice specializes in attention to detail.
One evening, I was providing a routine prophalaxis on a 45 year old male patient. Upon my last round of flossing and recording my findings, I was prompted to look under his tongue. I found a large sunken red lesion! We referred our patient to an oral surgeon…it came back Squamous Cell Carcinoma! He had surgery for the removal of 1/3 of his tongue and lymph nodes in his neck.
His family later visited our office to thank us for saving their dad and husband!. My-oh-my, what a simple and proper check can do!! Now, I am constantly twisting and turning everyone’s tongue!

Vanessa Minton, RDH
Boone, NC

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  1. I will be speaking tomorrow morning on Oral Cancer. I have seen the loss of loved ones to this brutal disease. It is with a passion that I encourage on a personal and professional level to stop the use of all tobacco products!

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